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China's production of waterproof clothing has a long history
- Apr 13, 2018 -

China's production of waterproof clothing has a long history, thousands of years ago, our country's working people used tung oil coating on the fabric to make rain cloth, raincoat. Later stearic acid, stone wax waterproof slurry, the appearance of the rubber raincoat, make the appearance, feel the feel improved, but the rain resistance, the durability is limited. With the development of new material and coating industry, rubber coated fabric appeared. Because of its good rainproof effect, it is used to make military and industrial raincoats that require high rain resistance. In our country, we have used rubber coated fabric, which has been made of waterproof clothing for nearly 50 years, until now it is still used as the main material for making waterproof clothing. Air permeability is its main drawback, for the health of the workers and comfortable wearing, solving the problem of impermeability is a top priority.

After the fifties, there appeared the fabric with organic silicone waterproof finishing agent, which has the characteristics of strong water resistance and durability, and the appearance of organic fluorine makes the waterproof and water-repellent level rise to another level. Use organic silicon, organic fluorine to process the raincoat, both ventilated and prevent rain, but the durability is poor, after a long period of rainstorm to be washed, will have seepage phenomenon.

After the founding of new China, with the development of industrial and agricultural production, protective clothing, especially the function of special protective clothing, including waterproof clothing, potential market, gradually known and attention by a great number of scientific research, enterprises, engaged in research, development, pouring into power. Some professionals are doing hard work from different angles, such as material research and development, clothing design, function evaluation and application. Some have formed scientific research, production, sales integration, and have emerged a number of high level, rich and pioneering professional technical personnel. In recent years, some towns and villages have developed rapidly, mainly using rubber coated fabric and PVC and polyethylene plastic products.