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Choose and buy a raincoat
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Raincoat packaging outside there will be a mostly to height to choose raincoat size table, but because of the raincoat on market makers made raincoat, the size is different, so don't suggest the consumers more than the size of a raincoat go directly to buy different brands of raincoat, prone to error.

Raincoat is best to try it on, but are usually sold hypermarket raincoat can't try it on, suggest that ordinary clothes people buy L M, raincoat, and so on, baffle sex would be better, even the winter clothes is more available.

Sleeve: when trying on a raincoat, the hand is raised vertically to see if the length of the sleeve is suitable, too long but not too short.

Length: the lower edge of the raincoat is best between the middle of the calf and the ankle, because it is too short to cover, and too long to ride on the ground.

Collar: button up, the head can rotate at any time without difficulty in breathing.

Reflective strip: yellow raincoat is bold and safe. If it is dark, it should be more than 2 cm high with reflective strips and made of PVC.

Waterproof strip: special attention to the sleeve to the lower end of the car sewing thread without water. Turn inside the raincoat, inspect whether there is a waterproof strip in the sewing thread, or if it is loose, it is not suitable to buy.

Shoe cover: to achieve the best protection, can wear protective rain shoe cover.

Rain hat: wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, so there is little effect of wearing rain hat on rain protection.