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Do you know the use of anti-static coveralls?
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Anti-static clothing is the choice of many dust-free workshops. Many people have doubts about the service life of anti-static clothing. Is it the same as ordinary clothing, or it can be worn as long as  without obvious damage?

Anti-static clothing is broken, broken stitches, mildew, conductive fiber breakage, etc., it must not be used anymore. However, there is no such situation,also has certain use limits. According to the anti-static level rules of cleaning times, if the number of cleaning reaches a certain degree, it should be invalidated in time. In general, anti-static suits have more than fifty times cleaning and can be used for one year. After one year's service life is reached, the anti-static work clothes may be sampled and tested. If it fails to pass the test, it shall be invalidated.

In addition, when using anti-static clothing, you should also pay attention to some matters:

1. Anti-static clothing should be used together with anti-static shoes, otherwise it is difficult to reach the effect of discharging static electricity.

2. When wearing antistatic clothing, do not wear any metal objects on the antistatic clothing.If it is necessary to bring it, it should be placed in the pocket to prevent exposure.

3. Stop wearing anti-static jumpsuits in flammable and explosive places.

4. Do not wear antistatic clothing where there is high pressure bare wire.