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how to wash the pure cotton flame retardant clothing
- Jun 15, 2018 -

    Cotton fire-retardant workwear is suitable for general industrial flame retardant and thermal protection. Its flame-retardant properties are adhered to the fibers through a series of chemical treatments, so special care must be taken during cleaning to maintain its flame retardant protection as long as possible. And we should be clear before use, flame retardant overalls also have many unsuitable occasions, such as fire fighting, metal splashing, industrial rays and harmful light sources, a large number of welding fly, high temperature environment, there are chemical splash and corrosion occasions.

    The following points should be noted in the washing and drying of cotton fire-retardant clothing:

    1.The new flame-retardant work clothes need to be washed before the first use.

    2.The washing temperature should be controlled below 60℃, do not use boiling water. Under the premise of ensuring cleanliness, try to use a relatively low water temperature, control the shrinkage rate of clothes, to prevent shrinking work clothing shrinks.

    3.When washing fire-retardant work clothes should use the supermarket sales of household synthetic detergent, biosynthetic detergent, PH value is best neutral. Never use strong oxidizers such as bleaching powders, bleaches, and other sodium hypochlorite products to avoid the use of softeners. These chemical components may reduce the flame retardancy of clothes.

    4.Avoid using soap and soap powder.

    5.Avoid direct sunlight after washing, can take natural air drying or machine drying, and the drying temperature should be below 70 °C, when the clothes have been dried or there is still a little wet immediately take clothes from the dryer Go, so as not to over-contract the clothes. If you need ironing, it's better to be hot if the clothes are still moist. Pure cotton flame-retardant work clothes can also be dry-cleaned, and general commercial dry-cleaning agents will not affect their flame-retardant properties.

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