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Method of use of fire service clothing
- Aug 15, 2018 -

(1) open the neck, chest and feet of the garment, reach into the trousers, lift the trousers to the waist, then put the two arms into the sleeves, and put the inner sleeve cuff on the thumb.

(2) fold the breast cloth, pull over the front of the chest and tighten the collar.

(3) when the belt is tightened, the buckle will be lifted.

(4) bring the mask over the head and lift the buckle with the buckle.

(5) finally put on the gloves and put the inner cuff on the gloves.

Fire service is to protect the active in the first line of the fire team one of the important equipment product of personal safety, it is not only the indispensable essentials at the scene of the fire rescue, also protect the fireman fire equipment in the body from harm. Therefore, it is very important to adapt to the fire service.

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