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Proper use of acid proof overalls
- Apr 13, 2018 -

The proper use of acid resistant clothing should first take into account the acid resistance, durability and comfort, wear different types and acid proof work clothes. Chemical protective clothing, which is different from specific protective functions, can only be used as auxiliary safety supplies in the prescribed acid working environment. In casual contact, low concentration, acid gases appear mild acid pollution in the workplace, can wear with acid proof overalls, breathable type in continuous exposure, high concentration, acid in liquid form of severe pollution in the workplace, we should departure from the protection requirements, wearing protective good airtight type acid overalls, proper match with masks, breathing apparatus and other protective equipment. Check to see if there is moisture, light, breakage, breakage, gelatinization, mildew, crack, swelling, brittle change, coating layer off and so on. Avoid contact with sharp instrument when wearing, prevent mechanical damage, synthetic fiber type anti-acid work clothes should avoid contact with open fire. Due to the use of resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, such as fabrics, sutures and accessories, the acid resistance of the joints is not lower than the anti-acid energy of the fabric, so it cannot be repaired by itself after the damage.