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the fire safety knowledge in summer
- May 21, 2018 -

    Summer is hot and the weather is dry. It is a high fire risk area. Firefighters recommend that the summer family fire should pay attention to the following "six bogeys":

    The first is to avoid the malfunction caused by the fire of household appliances. Electric stoves, electric irons, etc. are used to prevent the fire caused by the aging of the lines and the frequent operation of the cables resulting in the damage of the electric wires.

    Second, avoid cigarettes throwing cigarettes to cause fire. "Cigarettes can destroy Wan Zhanglou." You can't throw cigarette butts, especially in the kitchen where there are many flammable items.

    Third, avoid burning fireworks and cause fire. Fireworks need proper discharge methods. After discharge, the site must be inspected and cleaned to eliminate potential fire hazards.

    Fourth, avoid burning fire and causing fire. There may be flammable and explosive materials in the garbage, such as LPG residue, glass bottles, firecrackers, waste liquid lighters, etc. Once burned there is the possibility of an explosion.

    Fifth, avoid gas leakage caused by combustion. Once air leaks are detected, immediately close the air valve and stove switch and open the doors and windows. Never switch any appliances indoors or use indoor phones and mobile phones. You should immediately notice the neighbor's gas leak door and do not use the doorbell.

    Six, to avoid not equipped with fire equipment. Every family should be equipped with a small fire extinguisher. Every member must know how to use it.