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work clothes fabric features
- May 14, 2018 -

    Now more and more companies focus on corporate culture and corporate unity, so corporate work clothes has gradually become a corporate landscape.

    Corporate work clothes uses mostly cotton or polyester-cotton fabrics, which have the following characteristics:

    1、Economicality: The most important characteristic of tooling fabrics is the economic benefits. Many employees will be equipped with overalls after the employees enter the company. Because of the number of employees, it is particularly important to choose an economic source. Tooling fabrics are the work clothes for all enterprises. The most economical source of production.

    2、Functionality: According to the different nature of the company, there are different types of tooling fabrics, such as: construction companies, should use high-abrasion canvas (flat cloth) or Oxford cloth type tooling fabric; electronic companies, should use anti-static Tooling fabrics, etc.

    3、comfort and wear resistance: Because the overalls is the staff wearing the longest clothes, it must be comfortable and durable, tooling fabrics have this basic characteristics.