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Anti - Acid Work Clothes Shopping Attention Matters
- Apr 13, 2018 -

To prevent acid from being immersed between clothing and body parts, clothing, clothing and other individual protective clothing.

In order to prevent the accumulation of flying acid into the acid, the acid clothes should not normally be in the pocket. The ventilator should be kept in the armpit, back and crotch, so as to avoid external foreign body or acid. Minimize unnecessary decoration, such as tape and trip, so as not to accumulate acid or interfere with work in the tucks. The joint should not be pulled apart. The stitching should not be removed. The joints should not be degummed.

In combination with other individual protective equipment, such as resistance to acid and alkali and acid proof gloves try on shoes, both to ensure that the acid proof between blouse and trousers, blouses and acid proof gloves, pants and acid proof shoes (boots), between the collar of his coat and acid proof cap combining site is reasonable, can prevent acid splash into, and to ensure the easy, easy to wear off.

Other personal protective equipment for use must also have anti - acid function. It is best to simulate the use of acid in the place, and simple test for acid proof work clothes.