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Fire Retardant Clothing Selection
- Apr 13, 2018 -


Check the inside and outer packing of the fire-retardant protective clothing, and the safety marks of each trademark and special labor protection articles are complete and correct, with instructions for washing, maintenance and maintenance.


Check the appearance of the fire-retardant protective clothing. There should be no surface defect, breakage and stitching defect. The structure of the fire retardant overalls shall be the collar, cuff and lower hem, so as to avoid hot kiss or sparks flying, which can harm the human body. Clear pockets should be covered so as not to store the splashes of metal or sparks. For heat dissipation, the vent hole should be under the armpit, back, and the inside of the crotch, so as not to enter the outside foreign body.


The better quality fire protection suit feels soft and does not irritate the skin.

The olfactory

Some of the unqualified flame retardants have certain toxicity, and have a certain irritating smell. The flame retardant protection is subject to the smell of the packet, not the smell or the pungent smell.


The bag and decoration of flame retardant protective clothing should not affect normal work. If it is convenient, fast and fast, it should be removed quickly.