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Hi-vis Protective Clothing,security Of The Road Angels
- Jun 08, 2018 -

    When summer arrives, the temperature keeps rising. Think of the sanitation workers and traffic assistants around us,Even if the temperature is high, they must stick to their jobs. Because of their special jobs, they will shuttle through the endless stream of traffic all day long. Among them, their safety is indeed a bit worrying. Therefore, choosing a good high-reflective protective clothing will add a defensive line to safety for the sanitation workers working in the front line!

Sanitation workers have always been known as "angels" and "city cosmetologists". They are mainly responsible for street cleaning and sanitation, giving people a clean environment and letting people around them feel the beauty of the city.

    Most of the sanitation workers work in the early morning and late evening. They often have traffic accidents because the signs are not obvious. In order to protect the personal safety of sanitation workers or traffic policemen at work, it is particularly important for each staff member to wear more than 2 pieces of safety protective clothing with a strong reflective sign.

    Every piece hi-vis protective clothing, the reflective material, the number of reflective strips, reflective strip width can be customized. Put on such reflective clothing, in the case of relatively dark light, it is easier for drivers to drive drivers to discover in time.

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