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Raincoat Maintenance
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Attention aquifer

The raincoat is mainly made of nylon and PVC. The new raincoat has a splash coating on the surface, which can let the rain water drop on the raincoat and shorten the drying time. To protect the splash coating, it can only be wiped and dried, or the water is washed clean. However, after using more than 10 times, the water coating will fall off naturally because of the rain, and it can be maintained in other ways.

The black spot on the raincoat can be mildew or greasy dirt, then use soft brush to add water or wash clean.

Clean the gist

It is better to dry the raincoat with dry cloth than to dry it.

Don't expose the raincoat directly to the sun, its waterproof layer will often rise from the bubble and lose the waterproof effect.

Do not rub the raincoat, so that the PVC and nylon cloth are separated, causing the air to seep into the bubble.

Wipe with a wet cloth on the surface of the raincoat, if the splash coating is not used for washing powder, bleach or alkaline strong soap.