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Raincoats Are Classified By Material
- Apr 13, 2018 -


Tarpaulin raincoat

A raincoat

It is sewn with oilcloth (the surface of the fabric is coated with tung oil or the oil). China Eastern han invented oilcloth, and the sui dynasty had used oilcloth raincoats, which were still in use until the 1950s. The oilcloth raincoat is gradually eliminated due to its shortcomings such as rough, hard and unfoldable.


To sew or glue with a rubber fabric (fabric surface coated with rubber). In 1823, the Englishman c. mackintosh invented a waterproof blanket made of natural rubber on the fabric, which was called the mackintosh raincoat. Later, the performance of the adhesive was improved and improved. Rubber-coated raincoats have good elasticity, insulation and crease resistance, and are widely used as labor protection articles for wind protection and rain protection.

Plastic film raincoat

Plastic film (polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene) bonded together. This kind of raincoat has the advantages of simple making, light and soft, variety and low price, so it has been widely used since the 1960s. One of them is a poncho type raincoat (called poncho) used by cyclists. It is widely used because of its reasonable design and convenient wear.

Rain cloth raincoat.

Made of waterproof fabric, which is treated with water repellent or oil repellent. The oil - treated cloth is suitable for high - grade raincoat, although it has good air permeability. There are various kinds of rainproof cloth, such as waterproof and pure cotton khaki, anti-rain polyester poplin, anti-rain polyester silk and so on. Rainproof cloth raincoat can be made into popular garment style, one clothing multi-purpose, sunny, rainy day appropriate to wear.

According to the design

Trench coat

The trench coat is also known as the small flying man and cape raincoat, which is a common raincoat.

Advantages: windbreaker style raincoat is characterized by convenience and quick wear.

Disadvantages: it is not enough for the rain protection function of the legs. If the rain and wind are strong, the legs are often wet or wet by the side car.

Two-piece raincoat

A two-piece raincoat is a raincoat and raincoat, which is usually used by a type locomotive.

Advantages: it is better to protect the legs against rain than a trench coat.

Weakness: wear more trouble, if rain comes a bit more urgent, the raincoat is not worn well may have been wet.

According to the material


It's often seen on the outside of a translucent plastic raincoat, which is cheap but easy to break.

Nylon plus polyvinyl chloride.

It is the inner surface of nylon fabric with a layer of PVC waterproof layer. Its price is moderate and not easy to be damaged. It is the main material for the raincoat now.

Waterproof breathable cloth

Is the inside fabric coated with a layer of waterproof and moisture permeable coating, such as the police, climbers commonly used GORE - TEX brand raincoat, it's waterproof and moisture permeable layer every inch square several 1 billion pores, can make gas molecules through these pores, can't make larger by water molecules, thus to waterproof breathable effect; The drawback is high prices.