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Ten Attentions Used For Labor Protection Articles Did You Know
- Jun 07, 2018 -

Labor protection supplies are used to protect human health. The lessons of massive amounts of blood prove that the proper use and use of labor protection supplies can effectively prevent accidents.

1.Engaged in high-altitude operations, should wear a seat belt, pay attention to prevent fall.

2.In the construction site, should wear a safety helmet, pay attention to the prevention of injury head.

3.Engaged in electrical work or hand-held power tools, should wear insulating shoes, pay attention to prevent electric shock.

4.In the workshop or on the construction site, wear overalls as required, fasten the cuffs, do not wear skirts or casual clothes, and take precautions against mechanical entanglement.

5.In the turning process, the long hair should be put into the work cap, pay attention to prevent the long hair from being involved in the rotating machinery.

6. Engaged in electrician or welding and other operations, should wear gloves properly, pay attention to the hands of victims of burns, punctures and other injuries.

7. When welding or turning, wear appropriate goggles and masks to prevent the eyes from being injured by strong light or splashes.

8.In the smelting, welding or sheet metal operations, should wear protective shoes, pay attention to the prevention of foot injury.

9. Engaged in textile, cement processing or chemical operations, should use appropriate masks, masks or air respirator, etc., pay attention to dust, poison damage.

10. IF there have noise, vibration, radiation, etc. in the workplace, must wear earplugs, wear protective clothing, etc., and protect personal safety and health.

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