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The Development Trend Of Fire Service Clothing
- Apr 13, 2018 -

With the change of urban structure, the high level, deep and large scale of buildings.

With the development of highly intelligent society and the emergence of amazing technological innovations, the cause of fire has also been a complex and diversified trend. In such a complicated situation, the fire fighting clothes for fire fighting personal equipment should be divided into different forms:

A. Fire-fighting suits corresponding to the so-called general residential fire of old wood and fire prevention;

B. Fire fighting suits corresponding to fire resistant structures with heat and smoke as the center;

C. The fire-fighting uniform, which represents the activity of special rescue teams;

D, fire-fighting suits corresponding to various disasters, such as virulence;

E. In addition to the above mentioned, fire fighting clothes corresponding to winter, summer and other seasons.

In the future, considering all the above situations, it is necessary to adapt to local conditions and disasters and meet the requirements of ISO specifications.

Fire fighting clothing material and features: made up of fire resistant surface, waterproof layer, insulation layer and flame retardant comfort.