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Why Choose Cotton Flame-retardant Clothing
- Jun 26, 2018 -

    Flame-retardant clothing is the one of safety protective clothing.It is mainly used to protect workers from wearing clothing in the presence of sparks or flammable substances or in the event of a fire. It can effectively prevent the spread of flame in a certain period of time,and gives the wearer a buffer time away from danger.

    Now most of flame-retardant clothing is divided into two kinds, one for post-finishing flame retardant, the greater the cotton content, the better the flame-retardant effect, and it always have  washing times requirements, generally 50-100 times, if more than this number, the flame retardant effect is greatly reduced, it is necessary to change the clothing; one is intrinsically flame-retardant, or a permanent flame-retardant, this type of clothing flame retardant effect is much greater than after finishing flame retardant, but the relative price is much higher than the former.

    In general, if the work address does not have an obvious open flame or is not operated near molten metal, you can pay less money choose better cotton flame retardant suit. For example, oilfields, repair plants, gas stations, petrochemical plants, metallurgy, electric power and other industries can choose cotton flame retardant clothing.